International Air Transport Association(IATA) was founded in April 1945 and is situated in Havana Cuba. Travel agents having IATA accreditation authorizes for a smooth relationship with Airlines. Presently over 60,000 travel agents worldwide, are enjoying the benefits of IATA accreditation. On behalf of the IATA airline members, travel operators are selling over billion dollars off airline tickets. Presently the association represents more than 265 Airlines across 120 countries.

Over 95% of the world's Airline's operators are presently under IATA and this organisation has successfully maintained its standards in the industry.

What are the IATA accreditation benefits for travel agents?

  • With access to IATA airline members, the travel agency gets Sales Agency Agreement. The agreement authorises all kinds of airline ticket sales, both International and Domestic flight tickets.
  • You get access to the IATA billing and settlement plan which will support invoicing and payment for all airlines agents and the transport facilitators.
  • Provides agents Unique Identification with the IATA Code. The code is valid all the Global travel industry.
  • Suppliers get access to all the attractive discounts and offer IATA ID card.
  • IATA ensure fair dealing and fair pricing with all the Airlines

IATA Association leads the flight industry and they give travel agents, tour operators, travel management companies, the opportunity to provide seamless services to passengers all around the world.

Over 80000 travel agents, tour operators, travel management companies are presently associated with this association and the number surely proves the credibility of the Association.

What are the benefits of IATA member?

  • Offers comprehensive training to travel service providers : IATA offers various training and learning opportunities for travel agents and Tour operators. The ITDI courses help the participants to learn more about international standards. Using the guidelines, they can understand the latest regulations and technologies to address workplace style challenges.
  • Initiators of the current travel industry standards : Key initiatives started by IATA like New Distribution capability, smart security help, brought about many changes in the travel industry. This association has also initiated simplifying the business standards which aims to depreciate the cost of travel technologies while improving the customer experiences
  • Provides worldwide recognition through the accredited code : The unique numeric code provided to the travel agents and tour operators provides them instant worldwide recognition. In turn, travellers while booking domestic and international flights, trust this partner of this association without any doubts. Agents get access to airline members inventory, all ticketing options and much more. Travel agency, tour operators also get access to billing and settlement plan and airlines distribution system.

What are the IATA membership requirements?

To become an IATA member you will need:

  • Filling up the application form
  • Original documents, with the license of the travel agency
  • Audited Financial Statements such as Balance Sheet
  • P&L accounts and the Auditor report.
  • Bank Guarantee papers with account details
  • ID proof of the agency locations

Are you willing to become an IATA Agent?

Consider reading the complete Travel Agent Handbook available as the basic guide for all aspiring travel agents. If you meet the local criteria, select the country of application and submit all the details as per the guidelines mentioned in the Application Guide for that particular country. IATA will contact you for payment once the application has been accepted.