Travel wholesalers and Travel Distributor

As a travel service provider are you looking forward to building new distribution channels to maximize your business profits? FLIGHT APIs has an extensive inventory of API and XML integration helping travel wholesalers to access online contents easily. Whether it a B2B travel portal or B2C booking engine you can easily set up different travel technology and payments methods in the travel portal.

Flight APIs offer all forms of tour booking software that can help you manage complex contacts and travel bookings with complete multi-currency and multi-language support.

Tour wholesalers must realize that in the modern era you need to develop new channels of tour booking and develop new channels for tour service distribution. A various requirement like inventory management, managing online travel agents network, content distribution requires an efficient tour booking software. Also, the requirement includes a smooth online booking process, it must support agencies to pre-book their travel requirement at affordable rates and much more.

This is why our travel package for wholesalers are created with modern technology so that as a travel agent you can empower your customers, staffs and businesses. Flight APIs gives your business to effectively serve the global marketplace with the hotels, travel bookings, tour booking services and more. Our hotel wholesaler platform has the capability to connect directly with the 3rd party API providers and enables you to distribute your product into any channel.

Travel Distributors can easily boost their operations by selling your contents to third party travel companies using the API and XML integration.

Flight APIs allows you to manage all your travel requirements through a single platform and using the easy to book functionalities. Being in the industry for years we have build our connection with op API providers like Amadeus, Mystifly API, Travelport API, Sabre APIs, TravelSky API, Travis Flight booking API and others. Our travel solutions are made with innovative tools that will surely enable you to effectively manage your inventory.

Whether you are looking for a hotel wholesaler platform, flight wholesaler platform, tour booking wholesaler platform, or any other form of travel wholesale platforms, we have a customized solution for each one of you. Through our functionalities, you can easily consolidate, distribute and manage your inventory, bookings, business processes.

Being one of the international level travel technology solution provider we offer B2B agent dashboard, B2B2B Distribution, B2B2C white-label site to our clients.

For those Travel Package Wholesalers looking for a solution that is exclusive along with the privilege to offer travelers the best rates, API integration is the most desired option for you.

For years you have inspired the innovative spirit within our teams, and we have guided thousands of clients in their journey of selling travel products. Our new global hotel inventory supplier has more than 240,000 hotels, apartments, and all kinds of accommodation properties all around the globe.

Let us sum up all our services for the travel wholesalers

  • Fully customized B2B agent dashboard,
  • Complete B2B2B Distribution,
  • B2B2C white-label site,
  • A complete Credit and deposited plan,
  • Multiple products to sell within one single platform,
  • Service fee administration and supplier reconciliation,
  • Front desk sales channel for B2B,
  • Booking management platform,
  • Front desk management,
  • E-wallet for payments,
  • Quick Enquiry,
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast product search and instant availability confirmation.

These are not just the end to our offerings; we can work on all your requirements efficiently so that you can easily reach all your business associates and subjects through a single platform. Therefore, Travel Package Wholesalers, feel free to contact us for guidance on B2B, B2C, and white label travel website creation.