Hotelbeds is one of the largest aggregators with 1,80,000 hotels in around 185 destinations globally. Hotelbeds API allows any hotel booking system or distribution platform to provide their b2b and B2C clients with, best hotels and activities at the lowest wholesale rates. Simply using the Hotelbeds API integration solution is enough to gain access to vast inventory from multiple sources with great prices.

Hotelbeds booking API additionally provides you access to additional services such as sightseeing, transfers and even car rentals, and many more. These reasons increase the interest among the travel agencies in India, Europe, United States, and the Middle East.

The benefits of Hotelbeds API integration is one of the leading travel technology solutions providers, that holds a key position in hotel booking engine development and APIs integration. Our highly experienced and certified API developers can easily help you to leverage the potential of Hotelbeds API by integrating this into your existing or new booking portal.

We also integrate Hotelbeds developed hotel inventory APIs that are connecting to multiple suppliers through a unified interface. This allows the customers to access seamless inventory with hotel contents and rooms mapped across suppliers. To maximize the business profit the booking engine can also have other services from Hotelbeds set of APIs like airport transfers, activities and car rental, and many more has well experienced travel portal professionals offering advanced and secure travel technology and API integration for startups, SMEs, and enterprise customers. We have more than ten years of experience in developing an online booking engine, b2b travel portal, web travel portals, extranets, travel CRMs, and customized travel application solutions.

What integration services include- has integrated more than sixty aggregators in the travel and hospitality sector. We have also delivered high-performance hotel online booking engines connected with several suppliers globally. services also include-

  • Hotelbeds Content API : Hotelbeds Content API is fully customized and it provides the content to any level of detail.
  • Hotelbeds Booking API : This Hotelbeds Booking API is powerful in performance and it covers the complete booking process and is fully customizable where you get availability in a single request.
  • Hotelbeds Cache API : Hotelbeds Cache API mainly performs in compressing the entire hotel portfolio in a single response under 300MB in size.
  • Hotelbeds Transfer API : - Hotelbeds Transfer API provides availability for transfer services and allows you to distribute through websites and this API also supports mobile and tablets.
  • Hotelbeds Activities API : - - This API will provide you with availability for tickets and excursions and enables you to distribute through the website and mobile applications.

Hotelbeds API Integration Workflow API integration experts provide round o’clock support during the API integration and live certification. Their ready codes and libraries help to complete the integration sooner than expected. The main workflows are-

  • Sandbox Access
  • Hotelbeds Mashery ID.
  • Tests and QC.
  • Preferred Currency acceptance
  • Live Credentials

Frequently Asked Questioned-

  • What is Hotelbeds APItude? Hotelbeds has developed a set of APIs to make it easier for the API integration process for the travel agents and the tour operators to work with it. Branded APItude, the three APIs cover content, caching, and booking should reduce the time required to integrate and go live.
  • Which are the topmost Hotel API provider? In terms of the most searched hotel booking APIs providers are DOTW, Webbeds, Stuba, Travellanda, welcomebeds, TBO etc are leading the stock.
  • Why hire dedicated hotel booking APIs developers? If you want the right on-time arrangement of your hotel booking portal, it is better to go for dedicated and trustworthy hotel booking API developers who work solely on hotel API integration and live certification to deliver you faster results.

In case you are looking forward to Hotelbeds API Integration services, contact us now. We can help you grow your business into one of the top travel service providers.

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