Flightapis.com provides a vast platform where a customer can easily book an Air Ticket online. Flight Extranet is for B2C and also B2B such as agents, distributors, and super-distributors. In application, a vendor can also add Airlines, Airlines Fares, Airports, and many more from backend software. Vendors can produce the client's ticket and the invoice. With the help of Flight Extranet Software, vendors can take the payment manually and also online.

What is Flight Extranet?

Flight Extranet system allows the admin to issue the tickets from the backend system. It makes the admin issue their ticket through the Flight CRS system. Mainly Flight Extranet is one single application that helps the administrators of the exact rates and availabilities with great facility and comfort.

Key Features Of Flight Booking Service or Flight Extranet-

Flight Extranet System allows the travel agents to upload their hotels and also gives them access to their online system, so they can easily input their hotel data. The Flight Booking Extranet admin is the most secured system with password protection for your contracted hotels to manage few things such as the rates, view of confirming the booking, and also the special offers. software is developed for seamless online reservations and communication for the online booking business. The Hoteliers can set up their business and also manage their complete inventory in the CRS and it also allows to set up the rooms, property facilities, and many more.

What are the main Features Of Flight Extranet System?

The main features of the Flight Extranet system are-

  • A real-time booking system for the customers.
  • Flight Extranet System has a user-friendly interface which is good for the clients.
  • Booking details to the clients through SMS and Emails.
  • Flight Extranet System has easy management of fares and PNRs that can provide comfort to the customers.
  • Flight Extranet System has an integrated payment getaway.
  • Extranet System has also customization and editing facilities for the customers.
  • Flight Extranet System provides a live tracking facility.
  • Flight Extranet System provides 24/7 support to the customers.
  • Features to manage daily service accounts.
  • Flight Extranet System has social media integration.
  • Flight Extranet System gives the authority to the admin to update the fair.

Flightapis.com develops a Flight Extranet system for the clients where they get the option of uploading your day-wise inventory of flight. Flight Extranet System as a customized system is good for updating the daily flight deals.

What are the benefits Of The Flight Extranet System-

  • Provides easy to book ticket system.
  • Flight Extranet saves time and money for the customers.
  • Flight Extranet System provides all flight information.
  • Flight Extranet allows 24/7 customer support through chats and calls.
  • Flight Extranet System has mobile availability which is great for the customers.
  • Flight Extranet System sends automated tickets to the customers through SMS and email.
  • Flight Extranet System is available for both domestic and international airlines.
  • Easy management of flights and PNRs, so that the clients get the best deals on flights.
  • The opportunity to deliver booking details to the customers through email and SMS.

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