Connect with industry-leading airlines offering best b2b travel portal development and b2b booking engine to various travel agencies across the world. FlightAPIs has been in the travel industry for years and we have modular management tools to support every step of your B2B travel booking process.

B2B Travel Booking Portal – The ultimate travel booking platform for travel companies

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For modern-day online travel booking websites, client servicing is the priority. Over the years FlightAPIs has emerged as the worlds, leading B2B travel portal and B2C Travel Portal Development Company that offer travel agents, tour operators, travel management companies the right solution for their business.

Whether it is all about travel portal design or development, we have our specialized team to listen to all your requirements and then offer a robust and scalable platform with the correct pricing.

Our strength lies in the fact that our team members are experienced with advanced web technologies and they can build a high customized B2B platform. Not only that we deliver a range of travel solutions for the tour operators and travel agents all across the world like flight booking engine, hotel booking engine, B2B tour package booking portal and also an overall travel booking portal.

The easy to use admin panel and dashboard allow you to easily upload all your details and of course, it will be presented to your customers most attractively. We aim to develop travel platform and solutions that enable businesses to make the best use of the internet. Using the B2B travel booking portal your customers will not be able to book hotels and cars, they will be also able to book flights buses, holiday packages, and every other travel necessities.

Now if you want to build a highly customized travel booking portal, you must contact us. But if you are in a dilemma about whether you should work with us or not, here we present a few reasons.

What made Flightapis the best in B2B Travel Portal Development services?

A B2B travel portal is all about providing businesses to travel agents, tour operators travel management companies, in short, the business experts. We believe without a customized travel portal, you will not be able to attract industry experts. This is why we always present a comprehensive travel portal for the travel service producers, travel service resellers, and travel institutions so that you can serve your clients with the best services at highly affordable deals.

As a Travel Software Development Company, we offer both B2B and B2C Travel Portals to the clients. We aim to work for the reputation and goodwill of our clients and this had made us the in the B2B Travel Portal Development industry.

Flightapis make sure that the B2B travel portal is customized with custom functionalities inbuilt accounting and reporting system as well as multiple inventories integrated into the portal. The attractive looks and easy to surf functionalities help our clients in attracting customers and turn them into customers.

All these years we have been developing a function-rich B2C booking engine, with an attractive call to actions to convert even the cold customers into the most loyal ones. Moreover, we have a connection with top API and GDS providers, we integrate the API into your travel portal to maximize your inventory, and accept every last minute bookings.

Develop custom B2B Travel portal with Flightapis

As a B2b business provider, it becomes very important for you to hold the cost down so that the travel agents and tour providers also benefit by selling the products, yet have a good profit. Flightapis being one of the most trustworthy travel technology company we make sure that the B2B travel portals developed by us are integrated with top API providers offering the cheapest flight, hotel, car booking deals.

Flightapis B2B services improve the ability of Tour agents, travel Operators, Consolidators and additionally and encourage them to exchange their movement items through a completely business-centric solution. You can integrate the B2B travel portal software with leading GDS and API integration providers like Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre.

The b2b agent booking portal platform developed by FlightApis not only enhances the travel service providing the experience of travel agents, and travel consolidators but also helps them to seamlessly distribute the inventories to sub-agents.

We always implement a flexible backend management system to support all the mandatory actions that a travel agent need to build the business. In the b2b travel portal, you will get full control for creating sub-agent logins, monitoring bookings, cancellations, adding a mark-up, check daily bookings made, cancellations and much more.

We offer GDS/third party API Integration for all our b2b hotel booking software, flight booking portal, and Car booking services.

Our B2B travel portal can be utilized by tour operators, corporate travel companies, B2B travel consolidators, and empowers companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel booking to the customers.

Whether you are looking for B2B portal design, development, and integration with GDS, XML and JSON, API's, we can help you with every detail. Our testing & deployment department will help you to test the travel portal for bugs and deliver a seamless website. We also help our clients maintain the product providing instant technical and customer support services.

With our Flightapis B2B tour operator software, agents, vendors, partners can access the system and handle their bookings easily.

Get your B2B travel portal developed within a few days

Flightapis offers B2B white label travel portal for offline travel service providers who want to go online within a week. The white label travel portal is a premade website that can give your branding and turn into a b2B travel portal instantly. With B2B white label travel portal, you can allow your customers to book travel services at discounted rates using separate login access. You can sell and distribute all forms of information related to flights, hotels, cars, packages for both domestic and international B2B clients. The White label B2b travel portal is like any other travel portal which surely to enables your customers to search and book online.

What is included in our B2B Travel Portal Development?

  • Easy Agent registration/ and login
  • Instant User registration/login
  • Travel agency login
  • Travel agency profile management
  • Manage markups.
  • Check booking status
  • Booking Cancelation
  • Vouchers and invoice checking
  • Real-time reporting
  • Multiple API suppliers

Who can be our Clients?

Flightapis has already provided services to many retail and corporate customers like reputed travel agents, global tour operators, B2B travel wholesalers, destination management companies(DMC’s), travel management companies, Car service providers and travel consolidators. Our highly dedicated team have domain expertise in Travel and Hospitality, therefore you will get your virtual travel service providing an office made with your existing company branding.

Here are a few Benefits of our B2B module:

  • Online bookings and availability of stocks with real-time access.
  • User-friendly GUI Interfaces.
  • Attractive call to Actions
  • Easy Navigations for even the non-internet users
  • Automated booking confirmation.
  • Complete control over mark-ups and commissions.
  • Multi-currency support & Multi-language support
  • Trustworthy payment features and gateway
  • Activating and deactivating users, agents and suppliers from your end

Why choose FlightApis?

Flightapis, always offer customized services for the clients, as we believe there is no one size fits for everyone. Every business is unique and therefore you will need to offer the best fares and contents according to the region you offer business. With the help of our dedicated team of professionals, we help online travel agency grow.

Here is a list of reasons that proves why choosing FlightApis will be beneficial for your travel business:

  • Easy to navigate travel portal features to help both resellers offer the best surfing experience.
  • We provide a user-friendly admin panel to help you easily manage your portal.
  • We can help you build connections with over 500,000 hotels worldwide.
  • Get yourself partnered with 1000+ global airlines worldwide with tickets at the most affordable rates.
  • Get your B2B travel portal connected with trustworthy car rental service providers in 190+ countries.
  • We can help you get the most discounted tour package rates from over 70,000 hotels.
  • We can help you increase the revenue from sales by helping you build connections with top travel service providers offering commissionable packages
  • Get your portal integrated with sightseeing packages in over 60 countries around the world.

Being one of the top B2B travel portal development company FlightAPIs offers offline travel agents, tour operators, and tour service resellers complete a suite of travel solutions all across India and to the global countries too.

Feel free to contact us and get a quote for a robust and scalable B2B Travel Booking Portal.

What Customers Say About Us?

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FlightAPIs takes the privilege to answer all the queries of the clients and customers. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked ones

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What is B2B Travel Portal?
B2B Travel Portal is an online booking engine based on the Business-to-business module. It is an online business platform for travel wholesalers to provide travel solutions like flight booking, hotel booking, tour booking, car booking services to travel agents and tour operators. Through a B2B travel portal, you can give travel agents access to real-time online booking and availability checking
What is the difference between B2B and B2C and which one is better?
There is no huge difference between B2B and B2C. The main difference between B2B and B2C businesses is their intended customers. Using a B2B travel portal businesses can resell the products whereas a B2C travel portal sells directly to the end customer. You need a lot of customers to make a good amount of money in the B2C travel booking sector. There is often more money in B2B booking portals, as you can sell travel products in bulk.
What are the 3 top advantages of the b2b travel portal?
The 3 top advantages of the b2b travel portal are-:
• The easy booking management system, • Automated booking and confirmation process • Good connection with the global travel service provider
What is the cancellation policy?
If someone wants to cancel the travel booking, then there are particular rules applicable, and the policy is known as a cancellation policy. All the cancellations of all the travel bookings are subject to the cancellation policy of the suppliers.
What Logo (Brand) will appear on the vouchers?
Your travel business brand logo will appear in the vouchers because it is you who will offer the discounts to the customers. In case the offers and discounts are hosted directly by the travel service provider, the flight provider, and the car service provider, you can mention both the brand logos, if permitted by the service providers.
What are the payment option in the b2b travel portal?
Below are the payment option in b2b travel portal -:
• Pay by debit or credit card
• Wallet System
• On credit basis.