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Flightapis is one of the most leading travel technology company in india, experienced in providing travel portals to the travel agents, tour operators, destination management companies, travel management companies, the best portal and other types of travel technology solutions.

We serve travel agencies, tour operators looking for a B2B Travel Portal or b2C travel portal related to flight, hotel, transfer, activities, tour package bookings, flight API integration and help them to manage your complete online business and save revenues.

At FlightAPIs, we believe that the latest technology has brought many changes among the travel business providers. With the latest technology travel agents and Tour, operators can ensure that the clients receive excellent service through the functional and user-friendly travel portal.We always make sure that our customers travel portal is built, with strong, innovative technology and using the most robust CMS ( content management system).

FlightApis offers round-the-clock service to the client

Our team of professional designers, developers and API integrators, make sure that you are completely satisfied with the travel portal. Our service doesn't stop once the portal is developed and handed over to the client. We also offer complete maintenance to the travel software after the product delivery.

Commitment to delivering high-quality projects

We believe when it comes to travelling there is no one size fits travel portal for all the clients. Every business is different, it varies according to the target audience, the target market, and the geographical situation as to where the client belongs from. Therefore, after proper evaluation of all the situations, and client requirement, we offer them high quality exceptionally, developed portal development services.

Cloud-based travel websites and portals

The new classes of internet portals which are known as cloud portals, showcase the power of API. Cloud-based portals, liberate service-oriented architecture and custom data exchange creating a more smooth user experience. At Flightapis, we develop a completely managed travel solution for all our clients.

The best travel technology provider - how will you find the best one?

The best travel portal development company is experienced with all the advanced technologies, and their main aim is to help the clients develop one of the most customised, user-friendly, responsive, SEO friendly portal or travel website.

The best travel technology solution providing agency will make sure that the client, can make a profit from the newly designed portal. They will be able to cover all kinds of travel solutions like website operation management, website marketing, website sales and much more. FlightAPIs is one of the renowned travel technology agency business throughout India. We have a client base all over India ranging from small, medium and large travel agencies, tour operators, destination management companies, airline consolidators, and various other entrepreneurs.

Our travel technology solutions include flight booking portals , hotel booking software, tour booking websites and much more. Our solutions come with strong functionality and comprise features like complete reservation management, centralised mid-office, option to select cross platforms, multiple third-party API, commissions and markup control, report automatic booking confirmation to the email id and a lot more. If you need any kind of assistance related to travel portals, or interested in developing a travel website, you can connect with our professional team and have a detailed discussion.

What is a Travel Technology Solutions?

Travel Technology Solutions have specially developed software or websites that are aimed to solve, travel-related queries like ticket booking, hotel stay, car booking, train booking, and other services to travel.

Travel Technology Solutions, solve major industry problems, through the travel distribution platform. It helps travel agents, management companies smoothly manage the travel requirements.At FlightAPIs, we customise the Travel portal or travel website with amadeus api integration and other gds integration, with a top GDS provider to maximise business profits, automate the business procedures, for our clients.

Travel Technology solution can be B2B or b2C. A B2B module is a business to business travel portal meant for airline consolidators, travel solution wholesalers who offer services to partners, offline travel agents, and online travel agencies. A B2C module is developed by the travel agents to provide services to travellers. FlightApis, being one of the leading travel portal development company, we make sure that the travel portal flight booking portal is developed with the best technology, proper evaluation and research, based on the client requirements. So, let's talk about travel Technology solution and automate your business procedures for impressive profits.

Why custom travel solution is required for every travel business provider?

If travel booking is the main part of your business then you have to improve the client experience. Always look for a seamless portal, from where your customers can instantly books all their travel solutions like booking flight tickets, hotels at affordable rates, making tour plans and much more. For example: if you're someone who specialises in flight booking services, then you must have a connection with top airline providers. And it is only possible with the Global API integrated into your system.

At Flightapis, we always understand the requirements of the clients and in what industry they specialise in and then we suggest them the best solution.

A custom travel portal development is different from a generic website. Websites or travel portals are developed or established after proper evaluation of the client's requirement. It has a unique colour combination, call to actions, most updated functionalities, and of course API integration from the most trustworthy Global API provider.

Why as a travel agent, you must find the best travel Technology solution provider?

Finding the best travel Technology solution provider is a must for travel agents and Tour operators because not all travel website agencies offer customer services according to your requirements. Before you agree to work with a particular travel website development company, make sure you research a lot about what kind of websites they have designed previously, where the office is situated, how much the company charge for each project, what kind of technologies they are experienced in.

You can hire a travel technology solution provider, only after proper research of the above-mentioned facts. At Flightapis, we understand, how essential it is for travel agents and tour operators, to have a B2B or b2C online travel portal, or travel mobile apps. We help you to boost your conversion with high-performance travel websites, let your clients book hotels, flights, tour packages and much more.

The travel technology solution developed by us will have functionalities like a back-office system, real-time booking opportunities, an inventory with thousands of hotel and flight service provider.

Are you looking for a best travel technology solution to make a mark in the travel industry?

FlightApis as one of the prominent travel technology company delivers customised and robust travel technology solution like flight booking solution, tour operating software, XML API integration, hotel booking website, Optimisation, hotel booking Technology using blockchain and much more.

Our mobile engagement platforms include features like multilanguage booking, transactional accounting, accounting system integration, adding direct contacts, managing multiple branches, multi-currency transactions and much more.

We aim to find a customized approach for the clients so that they can build a unique relationship with their clients, and fulfil all the requirements instantly. We use applications and best technologies to design and develop online flight booking software, Hotel booking portal for you. Contact us now, to give your customers the most desired travel solutions

What Customers Say About Us?

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FlightAPIs takes the privilege to answer all the queries of the clients and customers. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked ones

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Do you offer one way, round trip, multi-city flight search?
Yes, we are experienced in offering one way, round trip, multi-city flight search features in your travel portal development package. These features are offered in default or can be upgraded according to the client demand. For details check our prices.
Can I book without redirecting?
Yes. You can book flights without redirecting to other websites.
Can I let my clients add luggage while booking?
Yes, certainly it's possible. We are a complete travel booking service provider and luggage booking is part of our package. We provide luggage booking at the time of book request (basket), but the other way is to implement airline fare families which includes luggage. You can purchase more than simple check luggage as it is an ancillary service. You can also add services like meals, extra seat, onboard services etc.
Do you have tracking or reporting to know the searches/bookings made monthly?
Yes, we have tracking or reporting facilities in the dashboard to know the searches/bookings made monthly. Every registered user can track details like searches, bookings made, visualise search and booking trends, update corporate information and manage payment cards, and also deposit management from the proprietary dashboard.
What is the main difference between Ticketing and Booking?
A five step user journey is followed to standardized full-service carriers at low costs. The journey includes searching, Details Request, Requesting booking, Payment Request and finally Ticketing request. The GSCs provide a booking on the child, where the seat get reserved on completion of the fare payment, or the payment can also be done later. When the booking is confirmed and the payment is made ticket is provided to the travellers and this is known as Ticketing.
Why do you require minimum daily search transactions?
Daily search transaction is required for the overall visibility of the travel portal. If you get no visitors to your travel portal then most probably there is no chance to drive searches, bookings, and this, in turn, will not generate any revenue or profits for your business. B2B travel portals developed by us, are SEO friendly, and therefore, your website is easily found on the web. Thus you can expect a threshold of visitors making per seeing searches and also they can make bookings of your products. With our guidance, you can keep your search engine booking ratio at a profitable level. Also, make sure that you have great marketing and business models.
How much I will pay monthly?
Our flight pricing page has details about all our price, this will help you to know how much savings you can make, how much amount you have to pay for travel API Integration, and other B2C travel portal development services.
Is there a minimum contract time?
No, there is no minimum contract time. Your project delivery date will be discussed with you at the beginning of the project. We guarantee you that you will be completely satisfied with our job.
Do I need to contract with any licenced ticketing partner or your offering is a single contract?
When you are with Flight API, we provide a complete travel solution for all your requirements. Therefore you do not need a contract from any of the licensed ticketing partner, FlightAPI has a single contract model.
What GDS systems do you work with?
Flight APIs works with top GDS providers like Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan and more. Moreover, all the post-booking operation is available in our dashboard as a self-service, and in case of any kind of emergency, our post-booking support executives will offer an immediate solution.