Connect with leading airlines for your next flight b2b portal with our flight api

FlightAPIS is a premium B2B flight API Service provider in India, we provide services to all the tour operators, travel agents, travel management companies, travel consolidators and much more. We offer the cheapest form of Air booking portals to our clients so that in turn they can offer instant services to their clients.

We have contacts with global flight API providers like GDS and LCC Flight APIs, to automate your flight booking portals. FlightAPIs use the latest and updated travel technologies to create portals, and software with features like attractive design, positive call to action, automatic booking confirmation send to email and SMS, real-time booking, a powerful back office, access to enormous travel and hotel suppliers and much more

Why Flight booking Portal is important for travel business Providers?

An online flight booking portal is extremely important for travel business providers especially those who only sell flight tickets because an online portal not only lets travel agents and tour operators make purchases instant but also helps them to book or purchase bulk flight seats at the cheapest rates.

A fully integrated flight B2B Airline booking engine not only takes care of the end to end booking procedure but also gives them instant tickets and booking confirmation.

A b2B travel booking system is all about buying and selling tickets to Travel agents or travel providers. It is also about simplifying their average transaction and simplifying the procedure.

At FlightApis our web-based travel booking engine is designed for all travel agencies, travel management companies, and travel consolidators, with functionalities that they recommend.

If you are a travel service wholesaler or flight ticket service wholesaler, we always recommend a B2B web-based flight booking portal to our clients as it simplifies the business procedure. The portal is a search-based system, where the travel agents and tour operators can select the type of flights, number of seats and select a payment method from the multiple options. Most importantly all these tasks can be performed any time and anywhere from both sides the service provider and the service taker.

Importance of a B2B Airline booking engine

The B2B flight Booking portal is perfect for online travel agencies who want to sell their services to offline travel agencies and travel partners. A travel portal is almost important to run a travel business as it simplifies the production and management cost of travel agencies and travel service wholesalers. Therefore, if you want to build a strong presence in the travel industry you must have a healthy website or flight booking portal.

FlightAPIs as a leading travel technology company and B2b flight booking portal development company, always help our clients generate good and healthy business. Our B2B flight booking portals are developed by experienced designers and developers who are in this industry for years. We always hear the requirements of our clients and suggest to them the best solutions

Flight Booking portals developed by us are completely customized, responsive and integrated with global API so that you can get access to thousands of flight providers using one single platform. We also have white-label modules for those who want to go online within a week. Using the White label travel portal you can quickly develop a travel website with your branding. Therefore, get in touch with us for the best deals on flight bookings.

Features that comprises an advanced Flight Booking portal

  • An advanced flight booking portal with real-time inventory
  • Comes with multiple payment gateways.
  • Proper agent reports can be generated
  • The auto booking confirmation email can be sent
  • Covers the cheapest rates for a wide range of flights
  • Responsive and user-friendly portal design
  • Easy booking management features with per person account or profile settings
  • Portal owners can manage all kinds of bookings, and cancellation anytime

Benefits of a Flight booking portal

  • The intuitive point-and-click interface helps simplify ticket search: With an intuitive point-and-click interface, an employee can search for tickets easily within, multiple systems, at once.
  • Saves a lot of time and money: No matter how many types of travel products you are selling, using the flight booking system you can include flight tickets in your inventory. Since it is a one-time investment a lot of money is saved.
  • Air tickets include various travel packages: You can add air tickets to various travel packages like itineraries, quotes. Usually accompanied by accommodation, activities and tour packages and more.
  • Include customer margin rates to your flight tickets according to the market: Depending on the target market you get the privilege to set the flight ticket rates. The customer database present in the CDRM helps to define the flight rates.
  • Easily change or make cancellations: It is natural to make cancellations, and modifications, therefore, as a service provider you get the chance to make instant followups, also the travellers can change their flight requirement using the portal.
  • Automatic follow up emails: Once you have send a quote to the travel agents and tour operators you can make automatic follow-ups, which will surely increase the conversion rates.
  • The track sold tickets and list of passengers: Using the B2B flight booking portal you can easily check the list of passengers and the tickets sold. This helps in creating engaging reports and have updates about your business profits.

The flight booking system makes flight booking and travel service reservation easy and also travellers can make a last-minute booking using the engine. As for travel agents and tour operators, you can easily manage your travel products from anywhere and anytime with minimum investment.

If you are looking for the quickest way to start your travel business at minimum expenditure then Airline Reservation System with global API integration is the best option. Flight Booking System can be B2B (Business to Business), for those who want to sell their business to partners, travel agents, travel consolidators. B2C Flight Booking System is for travel agents, travel operators, who want to provide travel services to travellers and people who are interested in booking travel services.

What kind of services does FlightAPIs provide?

  • One way, round trip Flight search option and multiple filter search options
  • Make Flight reservations at affordable rates
  • Upgrade your seats and get booking confirmation instantly
  • Flight cancellation and booking modification options
  • Upgrade your seats and get booking confirmation instantly

Why Choose Us?

FlightAPIs offers the most affordable flight reservation system, with an easy back-office module. The comprehensive booking management system can be integrated with an inventory of over 1000 flight service providers.

We partner with our clients not only to provide them with a strong B2B travel or Flight booking portal but with such a virtual office that has a flexible content management system, unique back-office and features that can automate all your booking functionalities. Therefore, contact us now.

What Customers Say About Us?

Have a look at what our customers have to say about our travel portal development services


FlightAPIs takes the privilege to answer all the queries of the clients and customers. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked ones

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Do you offer one way, round trip, multi-city flight search?
Yes, we are experienced in offering one way, round trip, multi-city flight search features in your travel portal development package. These features are offered in default or can be upgraded according to the client demand. For details check our prices.
Can I book without redirecting?
Yes. You can book flights without redirecting to other websites.
Can I let my clients add luggage while booking?
Yes, certainly it's possible. We are a complete travel booking service provider and luggage booking is part of our package. We provide luggage booking at the time of book request (basket), but the other way is to implement airline fare families which includes luggage. You can purchase more than simple check luggage as it is an ancillary service. You can also add services like meals, extra seat, onboard services etc.
Do you have tracking or reporting to know the searches/bookings made monthly?
Yes, we have tracking or reporting facilities in the dashboard to know the searches/bookings made monthly. Every registered user can track details like searches, bookings made, visualise search and booking trends, update corporate information and manage payment cards, and also deposit management from the proprietary dashboard.
What is the main difference between Ticketing and Booking?
A five step user journey is followed to standardized full-service carriers at low costs. The journey includes searching, Details Request, Requesting booking, Payment Request and finally Ticketing request. The GSCs provide a booking on the child, where the seat get reserved on completion of the fare payment, or the payment can also be done later. When the booking is confirmed and the payment is made ticket is provided to the travellers and this is known as Ticketing.
Why do you require minimum daily search transactions?
Daily search transaction is required for the overall visibility of the travel portal. If you get no visitors to your travel portal then most probably there is no chance to drive searches, bookings, and this, in turn, will not generate any revenue or profits for your business. B2B travel portals developed by us, are SEO friendly, and therefore, your website is easily found on the web. Thus you can expect a threshold of visitors making per seeing searches and also they can make bookings of your products. With our guidance, you can keep your search engine booking ratio at a profitable level. Also, make sure that you have great marketing and business models.
How much I will pay monthly?
Our flight pricing page has details about all our price, this will help you to know how much savings you can make, how much amount you have to pay for travel API Integration, and other B2C travel portal development services.
Is there a minimum contract time?
No, there is no minimum contract time. Your project delivery date will be discussed with you at the beginning of the project. We guarantee you that you will be completely satisfied with our job.
Do I need to contract with any licenced ticketing partner or your offering is a single contract?
When you are with Flight API, we provide a complete travel solution for all your requirements. Therefore you do not need a contract from any of the licensed ticketing partner, FlightAPI has a single contract model.
What GDS systems do you work with?
Flight APIs works with top GDS providers like Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan and more. Moreover, all the post-booking operation is available in our dashboard as a self-service, and in case of any kind of emergency, our post-booking support executives will offer an immediate solution.