Webbeds API

WebBeds is a subsidiary company of Webjet Limited is one of the fastest-growing B2B accommodation providing company situated in London. The website has the world record of the largest accommodation provider with and 35 lakh hotels and over 15,000 Global destinations. They have a connection with over 30,000 directly contracted hotels also their inventory comprises boutique luxury Lodges, guest houses, homestay, and resorts. Various accommodation providing websites are connected with the WebBeds API.

Webbed's along with their extended portfolio comprising of destination of the world's, Sun hotels, Jactravel, lots of hotels, Umrah holidays International, are operating worldwide across regions like America's Middle East Africa Pacific and Europe. Not only that their business expanded to such a huge level, that presently there are having several 50 offices worldwide.Throughout the years Webbeds have already connected 25 hotel chains providing services throughout the world. They have integrated over 80 travel wholesale providers and 1000 + ground service providers.

This B2B accommodation service provider specialises in services like Hotel accommodation wholesaling services, destination Management Services, ground services and also looks after the complete travel Technology.

Webbed also provides services like B2B travel group Travel Tours and transfers guest houses apartments and villas on rent, label solutions, and much more.

According to statistics, Webbeds has 1800 professionals working as their employees in over 300 countries and they have been selling travel portals in over 180 destinations. Over 130 plus source markets worldwide are connected to the global distribution network and the partners surely have a rich customer base. WebBeds provide services to all small travel agents, independent tour operators, travel agencies, destination management companies, travel management companies, airline consolidators looking for a web-based booking platform. to suit all your customers travel requirements. Along with all the plethora of services, Webbeds looks after corporate, education and business tours.

Adding to the list of services provided by Webbeds, this b2b travel solution provider offers transfer services to over 1000 destinations attracting lacks of travellers and hosting their excursions. This XML provider has attractive discounts and helps travellers to book excursions at attractive ticket rates.

Benefits of Webbeds

WebBeds XML API Integration is based on user-friendly supplier extranets. Have a look at some benefits of this B2B Accommodation provider:

  • It maintains the Global Distribution Networks
  • Webbed is one of the user-friendly supplier extranets
  • You may get 24/7 support in various languages
  • The multi-platform distribution can be easily carried away with the help of integration management
  • If you are trying to find the fastest-growing B2B provider, Webbeds is one of the best travelling applications

Why Should you Choose flightapis for WebBeds XML API Integration?

Flightapis as a travel-technology-company provider, believe that Webbed's XML API Integration is much-needed aid to the industry. People are choosing the modern way to book hotels and accommodation online. The Webbeds XML API Integration can help travel agents, tour operators to manage their travel business and offer customized solution to the client base.

Being a successful travel designing and travel portal development company, we can help you to develop a travel website with a beautiful design, navigation, attractive call to actions, responsive design, and seamless functionalities to attract and bring in business. Also, integrating the Webbeds API can provide you with your desired inventory in a short while. Considering the above-mentioned benefits integrating Webbeds API will give you access to 350,000+ hotels, over 1000 destinations. You can also make an inventory rich with transports in over 1000 destinations, which is surely amazing.

Therefore, if you are planning to develop a highly integrated B2B travel portal, B2B flight booking portal and B2B hotel booking portal using the API from a Global B2B accommodation provider, Webbeds is the smart choice.

Must have features included in Flightapis travel portals are :

  • Complete reservation management
  • Centralised mid-office
  • Real-time booking inventory.
  • Option to select cross platforms, .
  • Multilanguage booking, transactional .
  • Managing multiple branches

So, get your travel portal developed by us without any hassles using Webbed XML API Integration. Get a quote on our advanced travel booking technology for hotel booking and other works related to travelling.