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B2C Travel Portal Development – Automate Travel Booking for travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Flightapis lets you discover the travel business opportunities that will suit small, medium to large businesses with our b2c travel portal development services.

We have the correct tools are development criteria that make Travel agencies directly connect to the customers and facilitate their travel requirements. Business to Customer travel portal software gives clients the ability to organize the work procedure easily. Simple all in one feature-rich software boosts the choice of searching and making bookings to their required travel products easily from all around the globe.

when it comes to B2C Travel Portal Development for our clients we make sure that the portal or the software has all the added features according to your requirements.

Each of our B2C Booking engine software comes with advanced features, like an online travel booking and management system. These features not only help customers to book their travel requirements but also helps travel agencies or travel service providers to resell inventory with the help of multiple API suppliers.

Our B2C Travel Portal Services facilitates all types of travel bookings like bus rental, car rental, train booking, flight booking, hotel booking, tour booking, vacation booking services. The secures payment gateway in your B2C booking software is surely a bonus point.

It will help you to accept payments maintaining all form of security. Also, all our B2C Travel Portal Development solution has a live chat and feedback option for your customers, to reach you instantly and solve their booking problems.

Reach your customers instantly with the B2C Travel Booking engine

Business to Customer booking software gives clients the ability to directly select, book and pay for online tickets. Also, using this B2C software as a Travel agent you can offer last-minute booking opportunities to your clients.

Our API integration makes connections to multiple products like hotels, car rental, flight and holiday package booking. We have a connection with global API integration providers like Amadeus, Rest API, Mystifly and more. Our B2C travel booking architecture is perfectly compatible with GDS, Air ticket aggregators, and other third-party APIs.

We make sure that travel agents and travel operators make a profit in many ways. Using an API, maintaining the online portal is extremely easy and it is like a 24/7 shop. Moreover, the only investment you have to make is one time, while designing and developing the B2C travel portal. Also, the portal implies the possibility to manage and promote your travel products.

Why Choose for B2C Travel Portal?

Flight API has been providing B2C Travel Portal Development solutions and steam lining operations for travel agents, tour operators, travel management companies for years. We aim to satisfy our clients with the most important aspect of travel portal development – Developing the portal with the best features and Offering affordable rates without compromising with quality.

Of course, we maintain all the updated functionalities to make sure that the travel portal becomes responsive, have high speed and proper call to actions to help customers make a better decision.

Here is what we offer!

  • Flexible & Easy to Use Online Booking portal.
  • 500,000 hotels worldwide all linked to your inventory through API.
  • Rental cars in 190+ countries.
  • Connection with over 1000+ airlines worldwide.
  • Book sightseeing with 50 countries around the world.
  • Dedicated professionals incorporate their experience to build the most functional online travel agency.
  • Connection with the best API integration providers.

Therefore, whether you are looking for B2C travel portal development, White Label B2C travel Portal, airline reservation system or XML services, Flight API can always guide you with strong deals. Contact us now.


FlightAPIs takes the privilege to answer all the queries of the clients and customers. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked ones

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What is b2c Travel Portal?
B2c Travel Portal is an online travel booking portal that provides online search and travel booking solutions like flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and packages to travelers. Through this platform worldwide consumers and travelers can easily search and book travel products with just a few clicks.
How much does it take to develop an online travel portal?
Travel portal costs vary depending on the functionalities and features required by the travel agents, tour operators, and destination management companies. There are some investment requirements or the Travel Portal Price in India are mentioned below-
• Simple with functionality- Expected to pay $1500 to $3000
• Basic and medium functionality- Expected to pay $3000 to $8,000
• Medium and complex functionality- Expected to pay $8,000 to $15000
How b2c Travel Portal is the best for your traveling business?
Mainly b2c Travel Portal allows its customers to make a travel booking, this is why whether you have a small or medium travel business you can easily offer the best services to your customers. A B2C Travel Portal brings more flexibility and simplicity for both the business and the customers.
key advantages of the B2C travel portal?
The 3 advantages are-
• B2C travel portal is very compatible with mobile and any other kind of device.
• B2C travel portal provides an easy refund policy.
• It's easy to book tickets in the B2C travel portal.