Amadeus API caters to the need of travel sectors from initial search to making a booking, from pricing to ticketing, managing reservations to managing checking and departure procedures.

What are the benefits of Amadeus API Integration?

Amadeus API hosts a variety of features from booking flights, hotels andother essential services.

  • It has a variety of deals related to airlines, cars and hotels
  • It provides direct access to the booking procedure
  • It connects you to the airline, car, hotel and travel web services
  • It eases you with full control of inventory and booking management
  • Choose your airline/hotels for every inventory
  • Dependability, Connectivity and Maintenance

How Amadeus API will help you?

  • Amadeus API will help you by connecting your travel business to the marketplace.
  • Amadeus technology boost growth in the business as it allows working with your travel partners.
  • Amadeus distribution system provides an ease to travel providers in accessing all channels, i.e. access to a travel content full of varieties
  • It aims to build a global travel community by inviting all the customers to unite and grow their business together easily
  • A state-of-the-art technology for a connected travel experience in future
  • Amadeus takes utmost of selling the travel and caters to everyneed of the travellers
  • Amadeus boosts customer loyalty by creating products and services to meet respecting needs of their customers
  • Amadeus helps in cost saving by providing fruitful ideas which generate more revenue
  • The exclusive travel ecosystem envisages new and better ways to shape a more connected travel future for you

Amadeus Travel Software

  • Amadeus Travel Software is your one-stop solution for all your airline, hotel, travel insurance, car rentals and food operators etc.
  • With the support of the Amadeus GDS system, your knowledge about cars, hotels, and airlines with some additional benefits are at your fingertips.
  • Amadeus GDS Solution shares the stage with renowned brands like Sabre GDS and Galileo API Integration when it comes to travel agencies in show-search, pricing, booking, ticketing and other processing travel servicesinreal-timethrough the web services.

How to integrate?

  • Amadeus web service is an application programming interface (API) that delivers separate Amadeus content via SOAP/XML messages. Web Services allow travel agents to allocate travel-related content to their applications such as booking engines,websites, travel agency front offices and corporate self-booking tools.
  • Amadeus API allows travel agents and agencies to help travellers and grow their business globally by providing necessary help and the best of deals to their customers.
  • Amadeus API manages your travel business, helps in cost reduction and gives a boost to the revenue.

Amadeus API Integration for flight booking

Amadeus Flight API allows travellers in choosing the perfect flights by comparing the best deals from 400+ global airlines using flight search APIs with advanced flight booking features like flight inspiration, calendar view, multicity search option and many more.

Amadeus Flight API XML Integration with Flightapis

  • Flightapis is the leading Travel Technology Company which provides solutions to the travel sector. Travel Technology Software will help you display your recent concepts and ideas.
  • Managed by a team of professionals, we provide partial or complete Amadeus Flight API XML Integration as per the requirements via Amadeus Flight API. We provide the best Flight XML API technology for travel business using the Amadeus Flight API Integration solution.
  • We allow implementation of Amadeus Flight API Integration in travel agents’ online portal via Amadeus Flight API, leading to the growth in their business manifolds.
  • We are a highly skilled travel software company that is an expert in API/XML Integration.
  • Our purpose is to serve your buyers a detailed line-up of travel services with all-time presence, charges, practices and strategies.
  • We look after the buyer assistance search practice and provide them with a suitable range of products. Amadeus Flight booking provides the technology which will flourish the travel industry in future.
  • From Amadeus flight search to booking, pricing to ticketing and handling reservations to managing the way-in and way-out procedures. Amadeus Flight API Integration enjoys a high demand amongst the tourism sectors and hotels, etc.
  • Amadeus airline is devoted to solving every problem and providing key assistance. This in turn helps the crucial process of the airline sector. For example-transactions, ticket reservationsand e-business.
  • The Amadeus brand upgraded GDS Solution which allows increment to the travel operator’s course of action. This, on the other hand, allows the travel sector to flourish and keep proceedingtowards achieving higher profits, bringing improvement in productivity and contributing in taking well informed organisational conclusions.